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About Us

FAST EXPRESS offers economical and reliable services capable of responding to the requirements of our estimable customers with its excellent service quality and mentality in the international document and cargo transportation and distribution.

Considering the customer satisfaction in the first place at all times, we will get a good foothold in the transportation sector with the support from our customers through our efforts intended for expanding our boundaries in the Turkish market by coalescing both worldwide commercial and technological innovations with our service mentality.

You may rely on our specialty for flexible solutions specific to your transport requirements of your sector or business and in the meanwhile you may focus on growing your own business.

We, FAST EXPRESS, know how important consignments are in your business. We pay special attention to all of the work we do without discriminating large or small work. Therefore, it is our choice that our service is completely personal.

Our customers keep the control in their own hands during the time elapsing from the moment when we take delivery of their consignments and until the moment when we take them to their destinations by following up them on instantaneous basis.

As a result, FAST EXPRESS keeps offering new products, services and strategies in order to be able to satisfy the requirements and needs of all its customers without discriminating its customers.