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Termination, Return and Renewal Contract

Termination, Return and Renewal Contract:

  • Any service purchased by the buyer may not be returned.

  • Any service paid for by the buyer may not be returned.

  • In case of the seller’s failure to completely perform the service purchased by the buyer (any loss/damage caused in the department providing services at the time of cargo distribution or delivery, damage to the cargo, etc.), the seller undertakes to re-perform the service on free of charge basis.

  • Seller is obliged to deliver the parcel to the designated address. Extra fees may occur in case of change of address.

  • Seller requires the buyer to pay for customs clearance charges in the event that the parcel is retained by the customs. Parcel is not delivered before the payment is made.

  • Payment of the customs clearance charges of the parcel is for the account of the buyer’s buyer. In case of failure to pay for the customs clearance charges, amounts of customs clearance expenses are directly charged to the buyer.

  • In case of incorrect address on the parcel or failure to clear it from the customs, countries automatically return the parcel. In such a case, any return freight charges are charged to the buyer.

  • In the event that the buyer makes payment, he is deemed to have agreed to the foregoing terms and conditions.